I have a very difficult relationship with the world and people.
I hate it & them 99% of time.

MR is pointless in Wheesung’s lives.


In which Martin is an A class player with mad game


and Ben is a fucking nerd as usual


Oooh, so that’s why he still doesn’t have a family.

(via the-cumberbatch-of-mirkwood)



Me: Hello!
CM: Hello!
Me: Changmin, I don’t have a boyfriend and i feel lonely, please give me encouragement!
CM: Ehh? you don’t have a boyfriend? (laugh) umm, half of the people in the world are guys so you’ll definitely meet a nice man
Me: Ah.. Half.. ahaha… will I..?…

TVXQ in a nutshell

  • Yunho: Is everyone doing fine?
  • Changmin: It's morning, how can anyone be well.


This is what happens when you catch a Pepper mid yawn.